Aquabrass finishes

The collection of Aquabrass finishes proposes a number of sleek, stylish shades, carefully selected to offer you an array of options to fit with your bathroom and kitchen designs. From gold to copper, black to nickel and bronzes, there truly is a finish for every esthetic.


Hand-crafted in the state-of-the-art plating facility located in our Montreal head office, every piece is diligently created and painstakingly inspected for quality control.


Our Montreal based state-of-the-art plating facility is the perfect blend of technology, artistic craftsmanship and a devoted commitment to the environment that exceeds North American ecological standards.


Please note that the pictures of the Aquabrass finishes shown below should only be considered as visual guidance. For a true feel of any finish, please contact your closest Aquabrass retailer.


For details of the Aquabrass custom finish warranty, click here.


Finish_Polished Chrome_800x800
Polished Chrome
Finish_Brushed Nickel_800x800
Brushed Nickel
Finish_Brushed Gold_800x800
Brushed Gold
Finish_Electro Black_800x800
Electro Black
Brushed Nickel PVD
Brushed Gold PVD
Finish_Electro Black_800x800
Finish_Polished Chrome_800x800
Polished Stainless Steel
Finish_Brushed Stainless Steel_800x800
Brushed Stainless Steel


Gold – 500
Finish_Brushed Gold_800x800
Brushed Gold – 515
Finish_British Gold_800x800
British Gold – 535
Finish_Rose Gold_800x800
Rose Gold – 520
Finish_Antique Brass_800x800
Antique Brass – 435
Finish_Montreal Black_800x800
Montreal Black – 375
Finish_Black Nickel_800x800
Black Nickel – 270
Finish_Tuscan Bronze_800x800
Tuscan Bronze – 365
Graphite – 255
Finish_Brushed Chrome_800x800
Brushed Chrome – 110
Finish_Brushed Nickel PVD_800x800
Brushed Nickel – 215
Finish_Polished Nickel_800x800
Polished Nickel – 200
Finish_Antique Copper_800x800
Antique Copper – 335
Finish_Antique Copper Dark_800x800
Antique Copper Dark – 345