Imagine stepping into your shower and enjoying an authentic spa experience, where you can uplift, unwind or simply get away. When relaxation and well-being are the ultimate quest in a bathroom escape, the Cura Aquademy and Cura rainheads series are an ideal destination for a mental and physical boost.

Water therapy. Whether it be the sensation of a tropical cascade, the soft drops of a mist gently falling on your skin or the massage effects of a drenching rainfall, the Cura Aquademy and Cura rainheads series provide an array of water jet options to fit with your exact needs.

Chromatherapy is an age-old form of healing that mixes color and light, recognized for its ability to improve one’s mood and overall health. Both Cura Aquademy and Cura rainheads offer healing shades of green, red and blue - each one with its own therapeutic properties and intensity.

Aromatherary. Described as a gentle treatment that uses aromatic plant extracts and essential oils, aromatherapy is a natural alternative that enhances well-being. Cura Aquademy rainheads come with a wallmounted diffuser system and three unique fragrances.

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